Biography, Abraham Owusu-Afriyie

Biography,  Abraham Owusu-Afriyie

Abraham Owusu-Afriyie was born on 10th August, 1968 to proud parents the Late Abraham Kwabena Owusu- Afriyie of Apagyafiemu Kumasi and Emma Owusu-Afriyie of Dormaa Ahenkro.

He was the third and only son of his parents and the second of his siblings to depart this world. As the only son he automatically became Abraham junior. He was affectionately called “Chief” in private life because he was named after his paternal grandfather who was a chief.

Chief started his formal education in1973 at North Ridge Lyceum. He attended Accra High Secondary School for a year and proceeded to Achimota Secondary School from 1982 – 1987 for his Ordinary Level Certificate. Whilst at Achimota Chief, he took up the nick name “Shao” after his senior cousin who he met up in Six form. It is funny how Chief took the name Shao as if it were his own. He was in Gyamfi House where his father also was. He further continued his education at Howard University U.S.A in 1992 to read Computer Engineering.

After completing college he worked as a system administrator at Howard University Law campus. He held other positions afterwards. Abraham was currently working at Allegis group until his untimely death

Growing up, Chief was a ‘Fixer’. He would dismantle any gadget and later put it back together but a few he would leave dismantled and say “Me Ye” meaning “I would fix later”.   He was also the mechanic, he would fix any minor car problem for his parents. Chief loved planes, he was just obsessed with them. He knew almost every type of plane. Its amazing he never flew any.

Abraham (Chief) was full of life. He had a way of enlightening every where he went with his presence. He had a big and kind heart. Chief had time for everyone especially kids. Chief treated everyone equally. He treated both old and young the same. He loved children and had time for them. It’s a pity he never had any of his own before passing. He loved his two nieces Nana Yaa and Maame Tutua dearly. He insisted they never call him Uncle but simply Chief.

Chief got married in August 2013 to Ohema Boateng. He left behind a wife, mother, two sisters and two nieces.