So-called Somalian Journalist and NDC’s Rented Press

So-called Somalian Journalist and NDC’s Rented Press

Our attention has been drawn to a malicious publication authored by the NDC’s rented press, the Daily Post newspaper, and published on Ghanaweb on August 13, 2014 (See Somalian Journalist scolds NPP demonstrators In The US -

 We Concerned Ghanaians in the USA want to state unambiguously that the demonstration in Washington D.C. was organized by Concerned Ghanaians from various states in the USA, and not by any one political party.  We want to state categorically that among the many media representatives present, there was no Somalian journalist who interacted with, let alone scolded demonstrators at the demonstration grounds. This  Somalian journalist as reported by Daily Post is no more than a product of their demented imagination.  In our subsequent press release, we pointed out the media houses that gave us the platform to exhaustively make our case to the international community: “Reuters, Associated Press, American International News Service (AI), Sahara TV, and Washington Post are a few of the international media houses which covered the demonstration, while other Ghanaian media houses granted audience to the Concerned Ghanaians.” (See Demo Rocks Mahama in Washington D.C. –  This is an example of Daily Post’s outright lies and absolute balderdash!

 Then again, we want to state in no uncertain terms that the demonstration – which obviously will not be the last of its kind to rock John Mahama anywhere he will be in the US at any time – was organized by discerning Ghanaians from different political, religious and ethnic backgrounds who have an unwavering passion to see the progress of our nation which has come under serious attack from the cabal of looters and greedy bastards in the current NDC. The relentless attempt to label demonstrators as solely members of the NPP is bogus and unfounded. Such fictitious labeling, which is only a figment of their imagination will not deter us.

 Moreover, Daily Post report that the demonstration was poorly attended is a blatant lie. Many public and private cameras captured the teeming crowds that congregated at the US State Department to expose John Mahama’s corruption and incompetence to the world.  After all, we passionately spoke into the microphones and cameras of renowned media houses like Reuters, Associated Press, American International News Service (AI), Sahara TV, and Washington Post. So, what else?

 We are saddened and utterly disgusted but not surprised, that the Daily Post is making an attempt to compare Ghana to war-torn Somalia. Ghana had been a beacon of hope and the gateway to Africa under the Kufour administration until the NDC took over. They have quickly run Ghana down in the last few years, such that Ghana’s currency is performing worse than even the Somalian currency. Somalia has been an unstable country for the greater part of its history.  Instability worsens the plight of the people in a society and delays its development. Thus, to compare Ghana to Somalia can only be borne out of sheer ignorance and absolute glorification of mediocrity. This is the kind of tabloid journalism that Daily Post is known for.

 By this press release, Concerned Ghanaians in the USA are calling on all well-meaning Ghanaians to disregard the said Daily Post publication with all the disdain and contempt it deserves. It is a malicious lie, absolute fiction, and arrant nonsense. We are stating here and now that we will never shudder in letting our voices be heard; neither will we abandon our zeal to stand with our brothers and sisters back home through thick and thin, to snatch our nation from the deadly jaws of this corrupt John Mahama and his NDC.

 We will soldier on as Concerned Citizens of Ghana, unabated. And demonstrate we will,  to expose the corrupt John Mahama’s government to the world over!


By Kwaku Kyei Ofori,

Organizer, Concerned Citizens of Ghana in the USA.