Discovery Channel promotes illegal mining in Ghana - Jungle Gold

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The Discovery Channel is airing a disturbing reality show called Jungle Gold. This show follows 3 Americans on a desperate mission to get out of debt by engaging in 'Galamsey' illegal mining in Ghana. This manual form of mining that George Wright, Scott Lomu and Travis Fotheringham are involved is illegal, dangerous and extremely harmful to the environment. I watched in disbelief as Mercury was used to sift through the soil and a local farmer was attacked for trying to protect his cocoa farm.
Reports from Ghana indicate that local authorities and the chiefs have been bribed so they turn a blind eye to this. Illegal mining is so lucrative that the Chinese have migrated to Ghana to loot the land off its gold. They openly patrol parts of the area with rifles. They intimidate the locals and destroy acres of arable land to find nuggets of Gold. According to Discovery, this is the second trip for the 3 Utahns. Their first expedition resulted in $300,000 worth of gold, so they have returned to compete with the Chinese to gain access to more land and more gold.
We need all concerned Ghanaians to sign this online petition to demand social responsibility from The Discovery Channel.

We all need our government and local authorities to help us find out how George Wright, Scott Lomu, Travis Fotheringham and a Liberian Victor Kpah, got the licence to mine in Romaso. Who granted them a permit to film this Reality Show which depicts Ghana as a lawless jungle.


By : Ammma & GhanaNewsMedia

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Currently watching it and it is so Sad

All i have to say about you corrupt Africans is MEOW!!!!!!!!! Str8 nerds ain't ya

I was so sad when I first watched it on a local station, I wept and kept wandering where the BNI and National security were? I guess these institutions are only working in Accra.
Thank God radio stations like Citifm and Joy fm have started asking questions today, but I know they will lead no where.


We don't have much gold on the states in America dumb fuck

How in the world does THIS type of accusation hold any weight!!!??-Ill tell you how,-CORRUPTION!! Someone important in Ghana who was upset by the REALLITIES of their OWN country tried to shut them down by spreding obvious, & flagarent lies to reep an "ends". Anyone whom believes such crap has no more than have to turn on a television tell the TRUE STORY!!!-for goodness sakes EVERY MINUTE of their time in Ghana was documented!!!- & by multiple cameras! The only crook here is the one behind the RUMOR! Whom should not only be ashamed, but removed from office, & thrown in jail! These two Americans are better representitives for Ghana, than ANY of its current officials!!!!! -SHAME ON YOU!!!!- YOUR the one making your country look bad in all of this!

Very true, completely agree... jungle gold did a lot of good for the mining community, it may be the reason for the crackdown on the chinese. My question is, why after 3 seasons?

I agree there was no illigal mining taking place

Being an accomplice to a crime is punishable in the United States. Sometimes even leads to the death sentence.

So well said and completely agree 110% I do hope the Ghana government comes to there senses and allows Scott and George the right to mine legally as they was trying to do, give them the licence they was trying to get BEFORE they started mining.

Shame on you Ghana, you are doing right with one hand by banning the illegal mining but you really should get the facts right before trying to kill people.
also for a country to say these 2 Americans and the film crew painted Ghana in a poor light I'm sorry to say you've done that to yourselves by allowing illegal mining to happen for so many years before this programme, you also need to be in control of your country by controlling the armed militia that run riot and in reality run your country for you

If your country didn't want them in the country, they should not have issued visas or the necessary paperwork to mine on the land. Your government issues the necessary documents, then bitches and moans because not enough people with their hands out are getting their palms greased.

It's okay for your people to rape and pillage the land, right? But you give the right to mine to Americans, who pay for those rights, and then you take it away when too many people complain. Anyone see a problem here or are too many cocoa farmers pissed off because one of their countrymen got choked out?

well no problem , you rob our country and we will keep scaming you people , damn asholes

i am simply appalled at the level of lawlessness the so called authorities condone in the country. i believe the authorities are SO AWARE!!! just that they didnt know ot will be aired on Discovery. shame on them all....apuh!!!!!!!!!!

Whats REALLY shocking is how Ghanis officials are so quick, '& pollitically motivated to slander the names of two hard working men, whom pumped a great deal of money, & interest into Ghana. Trying to twist the truth, villifying these entrepreneurs, whom have put great stake, as well as LARGE sums of money WITHOUT Making ANY in returns! The TRUTH is NOT ONLY obvious, BUT DOCUMENTED quite maticulously as well. Only "turning on a telivison" to find your TRUTH! These men LOVED Ghana, & showed it in its "true light". Which has brought much attention on this country, some rough, but yet they not only stayed, but returned again even After their finacial wind falls prior. I must say, if ANYTHING it has been the corrupt officials who have brought a negative demenor to this situation. -And through ALL of this, it was not them who gave Ghana a bad "rep", after EVERYTHING that happened, they stayed until forced under the knife to leave A country which they obviously have a heart for,EVEN THOUGH it has cost them some dearly.



I agree with your comments. African leaders have been corrupt for hundreds of years and the younger generation always promised to do better. Yet when they get in a position to do better they ended under the same curse. As a black man, I often wonder why my people always think white people are so correct and our own black people lack the skills and knowledge to do anything right. Now, you have the Chinese becoming the Black man's Master.

And see how the Chines deals with the Tibetan people.
I would worry....

It's a pity to see our motherland being destroyed by these foreigners whom I think do not have the permit to live in our country, let alone work and to worsen it go into illegal mining of OUR mineral resources.

The negative externalities of this illegal mining cannot be over-emphasised. I suggest that the EPA, Minerals Commission and all the security forces should marshall a concerted effort to combat this atrocious act by these in-humane foreigners.

We Ghanaians need to sit up to protect our dear motherland. This is a national call!!

Did you just say you hope the EPA would start regulating more miners in Ghana as of you're some native?? Stfu acting like you're from Ghana and want your land protected.... You're obviously an American wanting to be something or somewhere else. I suggest moving there and then forming am opinion.

I totally agree, I think that you are right, I’m black women who live in the USA and I feel that Ghanaians people need to work together. Govern there self, so that it will befit all the people of Ghana. Like the land, no one in the Country should want. Because the country is rich, it make no seen for the people want and need, when foreigners can come and take. The Foreigners are out for them self. Think about it, it is not their backyards that there tearing up. They will take and take and destroy until there is no more. History has proven that. This illegal mining disturbs me and I’m writing my college paper on it. I guess this story touch me so hard because even though I’m Not a Ghana person. But you are my sisters and brothers. We share similarities are black skin, it is known in the US that black is negative, hear or think about black people no matter where there from, but we are the must forgiving and loving trustworthy, people in the world. We need to make a change, one country at a time; the world is looking at you Ghana.

I would love to help with nothing in return, because by help you we help us!

You got to be on crack! Speaking of's the black people who destroy are the worst people in America! Your always on the news,selling your crack, killing people,fighting.on every street you see the black man trying to be a gangster!
Just listen to the music you make. It's so tipical that you would blame anyone but yourselves! It would be a better world if everyone of you died! Your a bunch of animals! You make me sick!

I totally agree, I think that you are right, I’m black women who live in the USA and I feel that Ghanaians people need to work together. Govern their self, so that it will befit all the people of Ghana. no one in the Country should want for anything. Because the country is rich, it makes no cents for the people to want and need, when foreigners can come and take. The Foreigners are out for them self. Think about it, it is not their backyards that they're tearing up. They will take and take and destroy until there is no more. History has proven that. This illegal mining disturbs me and I’m writing my school paper on it. I guess this story touch me, hard because even though I’m Not a Ghana's person. I know that you are my sisters and brothers. We share similarities, are black skin. It is known in the US that black is negative, when you see ,hear or think about a dark skin person, no matter where there from, but we are the must forgiving and loving trustworthy, people in the world. We need to make a change, one country at a time; the world is looking at you Ghana.

I would love to help with nothing in return, because by helping you we help us!

You are by far the stupidest human being to be born and raised on this entire earth.... The fact that you will lunge at the opportunity to attack a couple white guys for being in your country and then have some nonsensical shit blare over your radio about two foreigners being absolute devils and you without constraints throw yourself into that bullshit without verifying said accusations is absolutely mind blowing......the absolute worst part about this fucking conversation is the fact that you lose you metaphorical shit about two white guys being in your country doing "alleged" things while you witness reall and horrifying murders and corruption among your own people every fucking day and that is an acceptable thing to you... I hope you burn in the deepest pits of hell... You and all of your stupid fucking ape acting relatives

First off "you Ghanaians" are the ones that used the mercury the Americans did not want to use that method. 2nd You "Ghanaians" put road blocks up trying to get as much money as you can out of people in your country. 3rd you "Ghanaians" are the ones with a corrupt Gov't that gave the Americans full rights to mine in Ghana and then realized o wow our gov't doesn't look good cause its a 3rd world country they didn't butter it up with pony's lets kick them out or get them killed.

4. "you Ghanaians" are the ones that were fearful of the chinese/illegal miners that were armed and taking land that was promised to the Americans your country chose to do nothing for that village chief. 5. "you Ghanaians" are the ones that were getting paid to help on there site hell AN ENTIRE VILLAGE SHOWED UP to help dig and were paid to my understanding alot per person.

5. lastly "shame on you americans" for bringing Ghana work, money and helping families that had nothing and were starving how dare you try to support such a crumbling skid mark of a country on this planet.

It is NOT illgle u dumb fucks

What does that even say, you illiterate? Whether or not it is illegal, it IS wrong.

At the time of this,They had not actually started mining. They were waiting on permits. And the Ghanaians are talking about these TWO guys who are not doing anything illegal. What about the MILLIONS of Mexicans that invade America illegally?



Motherland... The most lawless disgusting, ignorant country I have ever heard of next to N. Korea. The people and the leaders of Ghana make me sick. There is a reason why everyone in your country is uneducated, poverty stricken, and there is no happy ending in sight for you people. So talk all the shit you want. At the end of the day we will probably never hear of your disgusting excuse of a country ever again in my life. Thank God!!!!

The discovery channel was not part of any illegal mining, digging, stealing, or any other illegal activity. Not would they condone such behaviors. Their job is to take footage of whatever the story is they are covering. All I've seen is illegal Chinese, and other nationals mining. The Americans went about it legally. Minus maybe the gold buys from the illegal Chinese. What I also saw was ghanians being paid for work. I saw government officials lying to cover their asses, I saw officials robbing people. I saw authorities bribing, I saw savage beasts who are residents of Ghana purposefully injure, threaten abuse men inhumanely. What I see in Ghana with these lies and reports like this is the government trying to look good. I put my life on it they hire these beasts to rob murder and steal people's gold to fund themselves. The people, yes you Ghanaians, or whoever you are that commented, and even wrote these stories really do not know life now will you ever. Continue to feed your corrupt government, fall into their lies and hate people. I hope one day you will all feel true freedom. It's a sad sad world we live in. Do I believe mining Is okay? The way they went legally, with no guns, no corruption, and tried to be verified, yes It was okay. They could do so anywhere. Again I apologize to you ignorant folks out there who are forced an opinion instead of form their own. May you one day taste true freedom.

Well said

These guys went to Ghana and were there legally. They obtained the proper permits from the government to mine. In case you missed the show, you would have seen that they refused to mine the claim until their paperwork was approved, which it was supposed to have been.

Your country is lawless, and you put US citizens in danger of being summarily executed by vigilantes, as well as the film crew. After seeing the behavior of the people of Ghana, and the government of Ghana, and especially the ignorant government minister who called for their arrest, your country is now on the map of United States citizens as no place that any American in their right mind would ever want to visit. Your government officials went all over TV and radio telling massive lies putting these gentlemen's lives in danger. The US government should shut their embassy there and cut off all ties to your government and consider your country a rogue and uncivilized nation. Thanks to your government minister, no American will ever give a shit about visiting your country.

I knew immediately, the first time I watched this show on Discovery Channel that these men would be in danger and were foolish for going there. You see why Africa is so poor, and why so many are uneducated and will never come out of third world status? Your government officials are corrupt, just as they are here in the United States, but as of now, our government doesn't issue warrants for Ghanan citizens here in the United States with no proof putting the Ghanan citizens life in danger.

I will never visit the turd called Africa for any reason, and I certainly hope the US government will not issue visas of any kind for any of you to come here. You deserve to rot in the hell that you've created by taking handouts from the world instead of pulling yourselves out of third world poverty and corruption.

Good luck chumps - and if those guys try to go back there again they are chumps too and deserve to die at the hands of the evil that is Ghana.

America should start rounding up Ghanaians that live in the USA and deport them back to Ghana. See how they like that. Legal or not. Treat them the way they treat you. Make sure they have no opportunity to take advantage of any privileges given to Americans.

If they did that we would not have any cab drivers left in NYC.

It would stand to reason the Ghanaians who live in the u.s. were the smart ones who decided the smart thing to do would be to get out. So...your solution to an injustice is to unjustly collect people who had the brains to leave their homeland for a country the prefer over their own and then send them back to a country that could really care less?

Maybe YOU should live with your own kind IN GHANA!

The people of Ghana should investigate the government minister that ran the amaerican out.

What do you want to bet his friends or the chinese paying large bribes now control the claims that the americans were going to mine.

My guess is that the government minister is getting inside information from the drilling company and taking over the best claims.

So the government steps in when it behooves them, but they leave their people desperate for want in small rural villages? These are areas where tribal law supersedes what their absent government is trying to dictate to them. The illegal activities described in the article (using mercury, attacking a local farmer) were performed by Ghanaians.

And we're supposed to believe they are concerned about the environmental impact of mining?! Hah.

While George and Scott are only able to think in a get-rich-quick way and constantly show their idiocy and gullibility, they don't deserve to be thrown in jail.

The greatest testament to the lack of structure and order in their government is the fact that each and every member of that film crew, including Scott and George, presented their passports and documents and still breezed right through security.

I'm glad they got home safe.

Maybe America should cut their $430 Million US(per year) aid to Ghana?

They were mining legally. What do Ghanaians have against Americans that they would come to conclusion that they are mining illegally? Do you have any proof that they were mining illegally or did you make uneducated assumptions? Think about it.

Regardless of whether they have permits or not, they are visitors to Ghana and are subject to the whim of Ghana's government (good, bad, or indifferent). They are not in the United States and are not protected by US Civil Liberties unless the Embassy feels they can negotiate on their behalf (why Americans feel like their constitutional rights extend over country boundaries, I don't know - but we need to wake the F up already. You go overseas you abide by their laws, customs, and whims, you don't like it, stay home). If they want the benefit of US Civil Liberties, they should remain in the USA. Personally I am embarrassed to have these two idiots representing US business men.

George and Scott are idiots who are gambling with their lives. They have demonstrated in every episode their understanding of the risks they take and they still take it - eyes wide open. They will deserve whatever they get in the end, be it persona non-gratis status or imprisonment in Ghana. The rest of us Americans should discourage such "Ugly American" behavior by our own in ANY country.

Let Ghana be Ghana and reserve our opinions to our own problems/politicians here at home. There's a reason why this is hardly news worthy in the US media, because those morons don't have a leg to stand on legally. They should just go to Alaska and apply for jobs with the Gold Rush crews and stop trying to create additional international tension for the US.

As for rounding up and deporting all Ghanians from the US...I don't see them making idiots of themselves here. They are abiding by our laws and working to stay here without causing any media fluff. Any foreigner who causes problems in US is (for the most part) deported or imprisoned (when we can find them). Ghana should kick these idiots out for good and any other American who wants to film a "reality" show.

Ghana - these idiots and those who are posting anti-Ghanian rhetoric are not representative of all Americans - they just like the lime light. In fact, this isn't even news in America so these morons have to surf Ghana News media to spew their warped and uneducated opinions. You may have your problems with corruption - but so do we, it's not all lollipops and roses here either - just different. I'm commenting because I am appalled at what I read here and all I was doing was researching if this was real news or fabricated by Discovery Channel. Still trying to convince my spouse to stop watching this trash.

I can tell you're not American. Probably have African heritage? Probably voted for Obama? Seeing shit like this when there are countless Ghanaians living and working in the US illegally make me more than a little angry. Like the other guy said, they will always be a 3rd world country for a reason. We should just forget about Ghana, no financial or medical aid, let them murder each other like the animals they are. Let China deal with them, take all their resources and leave them a poor starving nation with Chinese roads. Why do you think Chinese are building roads all over Africa? So they can rape the shit out of it faster you morons. Do you think those roads are gonna last? Only long enough for them to take what they want.

tbh Ghana is one of those countries that needs a big ol bomb dropped on them so they can be cleared and start over. Corrupt gov't, starved citizens which will do anything for a quick $ like road blocks and threats. simply put its one of those countries that is so corrupt it needs a fresh start.

Wow, first thing that did cross my mine was the Chinese or some other bigger mining entity that would line the pockets of the "officials". They could have stopped them in the airport, for gods sake it was over 10-15 people!!! Going through security, Ghana is dumb but not that dumb... they wanted the money and if it had to go into some big court battle/international incident it would have been WORLD WIDE news and no way Ghana wanted that AND it probably would hav also tied up the land in question while legal proceedings were occurring. Further they would have found the documents in order but that would not give the officials gold, and whomever else these officials have as friends. No way new kids on the block are going to have a chance at the honeypot. This is corruption at its best, this is Ghana at its best. You Ghana have made a name for yourself once again as a corrupt, do anything you can for money, let he poor die, suffer and never rise to a higher level wilst you get fatter and more corrupt AND RICH off the back of others like the two you ran out your country... that were doing nothing wrong... if so WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE! DID YOU NOT THINK TO MAKE SOME FAKE EVIDENCE UP BEFOREHAND? NO YOUR NOT THAT SMART--- NO CRIMINAL THUGS ARE! Nuff said!

A Proud American Citizen that used to think Ghana was rising, how WRONG I was.

DAVE THOMAS is the crook. Conned Scott & George out of their money and is conning the Ghanian people with his fake preacher act filling vulnerable people with false hope. Ghana should chase this crook(DAVE THOMAS) out

I'm pretty sure that's not his real name. He probably got run out of UK and Europe for some shady business and now he's playing the fake preacher act. It's pretty damn hilarious watching him, at first I thought he was a fake actor Discovery threw in for laughs but they could not have found a more perfect character. Mining by day, Preaching by night. Picking the name of the founder of Wendy's? lol Genius.

Really you wept at what, how the locals put road blocks up to get free money, you wept at how the gave jobs to some locals and payed them. You wept at what. LIES LIES, but its ok for chines miners to be there illigaly, rightits ok that your country is full of crooks, armed malitia. What you need to do is learn how to accept other culture instead of trying to rob them and maybe your country will have some tourism and get money to stop being third world mess.. Ghana and the rest of africa is what it is because of its people learn to respect and then talk,

Really you wept at what, how the locals put road blocks up to get free money, you wept at how the gave jobs to some locals and payed them. You wept at what. LIES LIES, but its ok for chines miners to be there illigaly, rightits ok that your country is full of crooks, armed malitia. What you need to do is learn how to accept other culture instead of trying to rob them and maybe your country will have some tourism and get money to stop being third world mess.. Ghana and the rest of africa is what it is because of its people learn to respect and then talk,

Fact 1 - they were not mining, they were waiting for a license, which was in the process of being issued. This shows that the minister (acting in a nationalistic and potentially racist/xenophobic mindset) accused the show and those involved of illegal mining, which clearly was not true.

Fact 2 - decent nations with decent governments use the rule of law to investigate accusations of wrongdoing and apprehend people when reason is found, they don't make radio and TV announcements encouraging violence and vigilantism. The minister responsible for that should be fired immediately for inciting violence and vigilantism, he is this kind of irrational lunatic making African nations look so disgustingly corrupt and dangerous.

Fact 3 - the minister involved embarrassed his country, harmed its reputation, damaged industry and tourism, and has potentially sent a warning to all future film crews from other nations that they could be attacked at whim as and when a despotic little fucker like him deems appropriate. He should be fired for this too, in fact I would go further than that and have him held on charges. For this widely publicized fiasco he has done irreparable harm to Ghana and the Discovery Channel would be right to halt any further involvement in that country - it's likely that other companies would also do the same.

Fact 4 - many locals in Ghana do not have the finances, security, technology or skills to mine themselves, properly and safely. If this were not Americans mining, it would be someone else. The minister (and those backing him) fail to understand that they are doing exactly what Mugabe did to the white farmers. He pushed them out through nationalist fever and violence, then there was no one left to actually DO THE WORK, and the economy collapsed. Ghana risks doing the same thing in this regard.

I only just got into the show, but after seeing the last episode, I don't think they should go back to Africa. It shows that there are far too many risks and dangers, especially in Ghana, it's not a safe destination with rogue ministers instructing the public to "hunt down" innocent people.

Fuck Ghana, and fuck that idiotic minister who wouldn't know politics and diplomacy if it snapped his cock off.

what happened is predictable in a third world country like ghana. No doubt the minister over mining arranged the militia raid, and the forced exit of the americans to take possesion of the gold rich claim and the equipment. classic third world politics and corruption. the cocoa farm was leased to them legally and the farmer attacked with a machette. hes lucky to guard wasnt carrying a hand gun. ghana is a corrupt place like most of the third world and the utahns were taken like naiive americans they are.


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